“GLOW Beauty Group is a cosmetics company that has a social responsibility to ensure its customers and community have access to quality products, and proceeds from every order return back into the community”

What is Our Mission?

We are very much aware that not all those who want to use cosmetics always get the products they truly desire. What’s worse, we know that not all consumers can have access to high quality, affordable cosmetics and hair care products. To help address this issue, we created Glow Beauty Group. We certainly believe our customers deserve to look their best and enjoy an amazing glow all the time without worrying about the price of the cosmetics they use.

Why Should You Choose Our Brand?

Glow Beauty Group is a trusted cosmetics brand. We are a new minority-owned cosmetics company, on track to become one of the top leading brands. We are a cosmetics and hair care company based in the United States. We are specifically located in Atlanta, Georgia but have heavy influence and deep roots from New Orleans, Louisiana. We take orders from our satisfied customers from around the world. Our products have been extensively tested by cosmetics industry experts and developed by award-winning chemists.
Glow Beauty Group knows the current trends in cosmetics. As a new cosmetics company started in 2018, we have a keen eye for selecting the most suitable cosmetics for modern consumers. In this day and age, we know that the consumers have become wiser in choosing what products are just right for them. That is why we carefully select and provide products that give value to our modern customers.
Glow Beauty Group offers quality cosmetics at affordable prices. As our cosmetics have been thoroughly examined and developed by the specialists in the cosmetics industry, and we take pride in the quality of the products we offer. What’s even more amazing is that even though we offer every product at a price our customers can afford, we make sure we do not compromise quality over price.
Glow Beauty Group adheres to social responsibility and principles of sustainability. Our company does not only foster a culture of social responsibility but also willingly allocates a portion of our profit from every order to invest in disadvantaged communities. We also maintain credible sustainability standards. Therefore, you can always count on our brand and rest assured that your purchase of every Glow Beauty Group product goes a long way.

Glow Beauty Group provides a wide range of products. We take every consumer’s needs and preferences into consideration, so we offer a varied selection of products for men and women from all walks of life. We also prepare products that are suitable for all skin tones. We have products ranging from beard oil for men to silk hair bonnets to hydrating facial mist. Moreover, we also feature our own line of non-toxic, cruelty-free products made in the United States. Click on this link to see what these products are (include the link to specify these products).

What Do We Aim to Achieve in the Future?

As a dynamic and progressive cosmetics company, we are looking forward to providing even better products at great prices for a greater number of customers. In addition to that, we are also aspiring to be able to contribute more for the welfare of the community by continuing to invest in poverty-stricken communities, particularly including the youth who are living in poverty.
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