How to Stimulate Hair Growth?

How to Stimulate Hair Growth 

If you have been wondering how to stimulate hair growth, we’re here to offer you interesting tips. The glorious 4C Hair is a crown that comes with tight coils and endless styling possibilities. However, there comes a time when we all crave a little extra length, which is why we have come up with a guide that deep dives into stimulating hair growth for your unique 4C texture, from dietary choices to the right product picks.

Best Edge Control for Hair Growth

Here is how to stimulate hair growth? 

Various factors contribute to quick hair growth from genetics to eating habits, hair products, supplements, and so on. Let’s begin with the types of foods for healthy hair:

Tips for Achieving Sleek Edges

When it comes to eating habits, most of us are guilty of giving into our weakest moments. Firstly, reduce the intake of foods that get in the way of healthy hair. So, remove a significant quantity of sugar, greasy foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and refined carbs. 

Hair is primarily protein, so fish, lean meats, legumes, and eggs are emphasized.

Make sure to add Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet: salmon, flaxseeds, and walnuts to improve scalp health and hair growth.

Biotin (Avocados and Sweet Potatoes) and Vitamin D (Sunshine or Supplements) are also essential to hair growth.

Oils that stimulate hair growth 

Natural oils offer a powerful touch of moisture with the potential for hair growth stimulation. You could look at a few of the popular choices:

• Peppermint oil when applied to the scalp promotes blood flow and potential hair growth. However, you must dilute it with a carrier oil before using it directly. Mane hair serum drops contains peppermint oil, tea tree leaf oil, and aloe leaf extract along with Vitamins A, D, and E infused in the serum. The ingredients together formulate a power punch impact to revitalize dead hair follicles and activate hair growth.

oils that stimulate hair growth

• Other oils you can look toward are Jojoba oil and Castor oil. Jojoba oil helps with deeply moisturizing your hair while castor oil helps improve blood circulation to the scalp. Both these oils can promote healthy growth in the hair.

To Brush or Not? That is the question. 

Does brushing hair stimulate hair growth? Well, it helps distribute natural oils and remove loose strands. However, it does not play a direct role in stimulating hair growth for those with 4C hair. 

• You should also know that 4C hair is very delicate when wet so brushing can cause breakage and damage if you are not careful.

• Continue to deep condition your hair with hair products rich in moisture and nutrients.

• Make twists, braids, and bantu knots to minimize breakage while allowing your hair to grow.

• Wash your hair regularly to maintain a clean scalp. Use gentle shampoos and massage to increase blood flow.

You could still consider detangling wet hair with a wide-tooth comb but first apply a generous amount of conditioner to your wet hair. You can also separate your hair into sections and use your fingers to gently work through the tangles. 

Consider using a hair stimulant. 

A hair stimulant is a topical product that is used to stimulate hair growth. So, apart from maintaining a diet with foods that stimulate hair growth or using oils that stimulate hair growth, a hair stimulant can also help in addressing hair loss. 

However, you may want to know the specific benefits of using one to comprehend how it works best for you.

Edge control to grow your hair
• It helps grow healthier hair strands.
• It helps increase blood flow to the scalp.
• It slows down the frequency of hair loss.
• Using it regularly may also help develop thicker hair strands.

However, you must be careful before using a hair stimulant as for 4C hair, a healthy scalp environment is essential for proper growth. So, consider researching the renowned but safe products to use, consult a dermatologist before buying any product, and remember that a hair stimulant cannot guarantee a solution for all types of hair loss.

A natural ingredient hair stimulant like Glow Beauty edge control that grows hair and works well with natural hair and even gray hair. It does not flake or give an extremely stiff look to your hair but can hold the strongest hair for up to 24 hours. 

How to use a hair stimulant with Edge Control? 

Here are a few steps to help you get started on using Edge Control:

Step 1: Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and avoid using any styling products.

Step 2: Pat your hair dry with a microfiber towel to remove excess water.

Step 3: Follow the product instructions mentioned on the Edge Control package to better understand the application amount and method.

Step 4: Massage the applied product gently into your scalp to stimulate blood flow and absorption.

Step 5: You can then work on styling your hair as you desire.

Remember that hair growth takes time and consistency. So, celebrate small victories, prioritize hair-healthy practices, and enjoy a fulfilling journey of nourishing your beautiful 4C crown.


1. Does a hair stimulant help reduce split ends?

Over time and regular usage of a hair stimulant, you could reduce the chances of split ends. However, we also recommend getting regular trims if needed.

2. Is Minoxidil a good solution for hair growth?

Minoxidil is an over-the-counter solution that many people use for healthy hair growth. However, before considering using it, please consult your dermatologist. We recommend using a product that is plant-based and won’t cause your scalp or hair any harm in the long run.

3. How often should I wash my 4C hair to maintain healthy hair?

There is no specific solution for everyone but several factors may be considered based on finding your sweet spot for growing healthy hair. When it comes to 4C hair, we recommend starting with washing your hair twice a month. Frequent washing can deplete moisture and make your hair brittle. Try and feel whether your scalp feels itchy and excessively oily, and if so, consider increasing your frequency of washing. However, if your hair is getting dry and brittle then consider reducing the frequency of your monthly hair wash routine.

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